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Petition Askes For White House To Declare Copblock And Others ‘Domestic Terrorists’

In what I’m sure is a huge coincidence, a petition at We the People was submitted Sept. 19th asking for the government to label “Copblock.org” (and any variation) members as “domestic terrorists.” [h/t Police State USA] This seems to follow news of Austin police officer Justin Berry’s designation of these organizations as “domestic extremists” far too closely to be just some sort of random happening — more or less within five days of the information first being exposed. Here’s the

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Why I think Immigration Attorneys are Scumbags

This website does not provide legal advice and Provider is not a law firm. “Free Consultations” Lets talk about those “Free Consultations” every Immigration Attorney is offering. You would think hat this is an informal meeting between prospective client and Immigration Attorney to discuss the potential clients case. NOT SO! First it is a high pressure sales presentation. They are brash and smirking during their sales pitch, but the whole world will turn brown and dank if the prospective client buys into the sales pitch. The

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