Why I think Immigration Attorneys are Scumbags

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“Free Consultations”

Lets talk about those “Free Consultations” every Immigration Attorney is offering. You would think hat this is an informal meeting between prospective client and Immigration Attorney to discuss the potential clients case. NOT SO! First it is a high pressure sales presentation. They are brash and smirking during their sales pitch, but the whole world will turn brown and dank if the prospective client buys into the sales pitch. The attorney tries to scare the potential client into thinking that without representation the he/she is deported. During this sales pitch the attorney is NON-STOP LYING! During such a sales pitch the Marriage Fraud Interview (Stokes Interview) is described very wrong. The Immigration Attorney is LYING about it. To scare the prospective client into hiring him he will say that agents from the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security will perform the interview. That each spouse will be locked with those agents in a room for hours and for hours questioned about their marriage. At the end most likely the non-citizen spouse will be locked up in detention and deported when they don’t hire an Immigration Attorney. WHEN YOU HEAR THAT WOULD YOU NOT HIRE AN IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY? There is just one problem: Nothing is true. As you can read in my article about the Stokes Interview that scenario is so far away from the truth. There are NO FBI agents, NO CIA agents. Just one Immigration Officer who is usually very friendly, the atmosphere during the interview is relaxed. Immigration Attorneys are lying about the Stokes Interview because it is easy money. $1500 for one hour sitting in an air conditioned room and he/she does not and cannot do anything. The attorney is of absolute no use during a Stokes Interview. Second, the attorney talks about how the prospective client can finance the outrageous fees the Immigration attorney will extort from them. For a service I would charge $99, an Immigration Attorney charges $3000 and more. This starts usually by asking the prospective client about his financial situation. The prospective client owns a house, get a second or third mortgage, take a second or third job, max out credit cards, borrow money from relatives and so on. Bottom line: During those “Free Consultations” the Immigration Attorney is trying to scare you out of your money. That’s it, plain and simple. Not one thought is lost on the prospective clients actual case. Nothing is said about the chances to succeed. The Immigration Attorney does not care about that, just about the money and the new BMW he or she will buy with your money.

Their Conduct in Immigration Court

In the Immigration Court poor and uneducated people are fed into a machine, like meat to make sausage. Bang, bang, bang. Next.

This is a situation where these people need legal representation by an Immigration Attorney. Representing a client in Immigration Court is something where an Immigration Attorney could shine. Only an attorney is allowed to represent you in court. I am not an attorney, I cannot represent you in court. But even in court an Immigration Attorney rarely shines. Most Immigration Attorneys have a heavy workload. They accept so many cases in order to make as much money as possible. The attention to the individual client is not there anymore. They are giving out their business cards in detention facilities, paying kickbacks to their clients when they bring in more “victims” aka clients. I am from time to time in Immigration Court to watch the proceedings of my clients when they are representing themselves, Pro Se. This gives me the opportunity to watch Immigration Attorneys at work. It is disgraceful what I saw. One female Immigration Attorney just had to represent her client in removal proceedings. In this proceeding the only question was if her client can get “Voluntary Removal”. This would allow him to return to the United States after one year with a clean slate. He wanted to marry a United States Citizen. The other alternative was being banned from returning for 10 years. The Immigration Judge asked a lot of questions. The Immigration attorney, with a sign of her hands always let her client answer these questions. Needless to say that he was not given the best answers to the Immigration Judge. She, the Immigration Attorney, did not say one word during the questioning. Finally the Immigration Judge said that he is not leaning to Voluntary Departure or Deportation. He asked in the direction of the Immigration Attorney if there are any closing arguments which could sway him to one or the other direction. The Immigration Attorney was just sitting there, playing with her pen looking at the surface of the table. She did not argue for her client, she did not say anything. After a few minutes the Immigration Judge denied Voluntary Departure, removed and banned her client from the Unites States for 10 years. The Immigration Attorney got up quietly and left the court room. She did not even explain to her client what just happened. She was already paid and left. I have seen this bitch often in the court room and in every hearing her conduct was about the same. She is one of these Immigration Attorneys who is giving out business cards by the handful and pays people kickbacks when they bring her more clients. She is a lousy attorney.


One of my clients became a good friend of mine. He asked me to help him, but did not to give up the relationship with his Immigration Attorneys. At this point he did pay already more then $20,000 to his attorneys but it was of no use. They forgot to file an important form and he was ordered removed (deported). His attorneys tried a lot of non-sense while his case was pending at the 9th Circuit in San Francisco. I suggested to him VERY STRONGLY to file a “Motion of Stay of Removal”. This would prevent him to be deported while his case is pending. His Immigration Attorneys advised against it, they said there is no chance that ICE will pick him up and deport him. Well, he never filed for a “Stay  of Removal”. One day, he was leaving his house, walking on the sidewalk, ICE officers approached him, arrested him, brought him to the airport and deported him to Israel. All that while his case was pending at the 9th Circuit in San Francisco. He is still in Israel, since two years now. He is banned for 20 years from coming back to the United States. He contacted me the day I wrote this article and asked me if I can do something to bring him back to the United States. I told him that there is not much hope.

A young couple came to me. They were married. He is from India, his wife a United States Citizen. They filed with the help of an Immigration Attorney for a “Green Card” (I-130, I-485 and so on). They paid $5000 plus filing fees to the attorney. It went not well for the young couple. The Immigration Attorney filed a badly written and prepared application package and the couple received from Immigration a “Notice of Intent to Deny” (NOID). This is the last chance to submit more evidence to support your petition. Guess what, the Immigration Attorney never answered this NOID, never submitted additional evidence. GREEN CARD DENIED! The young gentleman from India called me one day and asked me to take his case. I prepared a new application package for them, this time professionally put together and prepared. The result: A “Green Card” for the young gentleman.

I was contacted by a gentleman from South America. There was a Deportation Order issued against him. With the help of an Immigration Attorney he filed for Asylum which was denied. I looked over his petition for Asylum, the supporting documents and I was disgusted. The Asylum application was so badly written and the supporting documents supported nothing at all. I could not believe that even an Immigration Attorney could prepare so much shit and call it an Asylum application. I called this Immigration Attorney and asked him what is wrong with him. His answer: “The client paid me only $900. What do you expect for $900?”

I worked for an Immigration Attorney. For him money was everything. The client only has $3000 cash but not the $5000 the attorney wanted, he either kicked the client out or took the money but did nothing in regards to the immigration case of the client who just paid him $3000. Even if there had to be time sensitive paperwork filed and the client did not come up with the rest of the money at the due date? Too bad for the client. The attorney filed nothing, client deported, attorney keeps the money.

I could go on and on here about the despicable conduct of these asshole Immigration Attorneys. I hope you, the reader, understand now why I think that Immigration Attorneys are Scumbags. Immigration Attorneys are so very bad on every level.

I will give these Immigration Attorneys some credit — at least during the immigration hearings they did not call for all of their clients to be rounded up and shipped off to their country of origin. This would lighten their workload drastically and of course this would make it easier to keep their clients money. 


I have never seen anything this dishonorable with a law firm’s name attached to it. I’ve seen dumber shit. I’ve seen more frivolous shit. I’ve seen more unethical shit. But, never seen anything this foul or shameful with a law firm’s name attached to it.

This is what Immigration Attorneys are: shyster/scumbag/bottomfeeder

The bald-faced fucknucklery of these Immigration Attorneys have caused Immigrants and their families irreparable harm. Family fathers and mothers were torn from their US-born children because these Immigration Attorney morons don’t care about their clients. Their conduct towards their clients has grown steadily more cartoonish and surreal. For them their clients are just ATM machines to finance their next BMW or a visit to the whore house. They are villains and get away with abusing the system all the time and don’t face consequences because their victims are uneducated working class Hispanics. These immigrants are unable to understand our legal system and how it works. None of these victims knows that there are legal avenues available to them to punish these asshole Immigration Attorneys. They get away with abusing the system because their victims are deported. Far away deported. None of these victims will ever file a complaint against these small-time grifters from the other side of the world.

Immigration Attorneys are small-time grifters with small-time hearts — petty, grasping, and trite, possessed of a low cunning but no real talent, no class, and no common sense.

One day their despicable conduct will inspire courts to devote time and resources to punish these scum bags, because we have to recognize Immigration Attorneys for what they are: a criminal enterprise.

My suggestion

Don’t hire an Immigration Attorney. They are liars and cheaters. Try to do your case yourself. It is not so complicated to petition USCIS for most immigration benefits. Every immigration form is accompanied by a lengthy explanation how to fill out these forms. Read the articles here on my LawBlog. I am trying to explain in detail how things work. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. If you really think you need to hire an Immigration Attorney, be careful, very careful.

Avoid Lawyers Who Approach You at USCIS or Other Immigration Offices. These are the typical Scumbag Immigration Attorneys

A few “high-volume, low value” immigration attorneys prowl the hallways of immigration offices attempting to solicit business. This is not considered ethical behavior by the legal bar. Besides, any half way respectable Immigration Attorney is probably going to be too busy practicing immigration law and working for their clients to spend their time rounding up new clients this way.

Be Skeptical of Unrealistic Promises

Not even the best attorneys can guarantee success. Ultimately, the outcome of you case is up to an immigration judge, the Department of Homeland Defense and/or USCIS. Any attorney claiming he or she has a 100% success rate and guaranteeing you a particular outcome may need to be more closely evaluated.

Compare Advice By Talking to More Than One Attorney

While most good immigration attorneys will likely be pretty busy, you should be able to talk to them and their office staff to get a sense of their commitment to clients as well as their overall demeanor and impression of honesty.

Talking to several attorneys will give you some basis for comparison before choosing the one who will be representing you. It will give you a chance to “feel out” various attorneys to get a sense of their personality and work philosophy to determine if they will be a good fit for you. In some cases, getting a second opinion may actually reveal that the first attorney did not fully understand your case or the law, or was trying to take your money to do something impossible or unethical.

Research the Lawyer

You can probably find out a lot about your lawyer online: whether he or she is listed as a member of a state bar association (a requirement) and of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association or AILA (a professional organization that most of the best attorneys join); whether he or she gets good reviews on websites like Martindale-Hubbell; whether the lawyer has written professional articles for publication; and so on. If the only reviews you turn up show the lawyer getting arrested or disbarred, you can save yourself a personal meeting.


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