President Obama Breaks His Promise on Administrative Relief

The New York Times reports on Saturday that White House officials have confirmed President Obama will not keep his promise to the American people and forego an announcement on Administrative Relief.  The report indicates the President will not act before the Mid-Term elections in November.

The following is my response to the announcement delay:

I am extremely frustrated, hurt, and angry at the news that political ambitions by Democrats and others played a role in forcing the hand of President Obama to break his promise to the immigrant community once again.  Since the President’s announcement June 30 that he would announce Administrative Relief measures by the end of the summer, 74,370 immigrants have been detained or deported and countless families have been hurt and broken apart.  This is a shameful moment in American history and a stark reminder that justice delayed is justice denied.

Where’s the anger, the passion, the commitment that President Obama showed the nation on June 30?  Where’s his leadership, his compassion and his determination to set things right for millions of working families who live under the shadow of our broken immigration system?

Immigrants and Latinos should be asking themselves who can we trust in Washington, DC.  The President and Democrats will need to be reminded that we will not forget the day they turned their back on millions of Latinos and immigrants to safeguard four to six seats in power.  The human cost of their political ambition will be their Scarlet Letter to bear for years to come.”


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