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Obama’s immigration executive order: Here are the details

Under President Barack Obama’s immigration executive order, announced on Thursday, November 20, 2014, illegal immigrants who have minor run-ins with law enforcement will not  have to worry about the incident triggering deportation. Obama is ordering a series of administrative changes in rules and refocusing enforcement priorities and prosecutorial discretion. Combined, these actions, are in line with past presidential precedents and therefore can survive a legal challenge. Here are some of the changes that will allow about 5 million illegal immigrants

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The mass media is lying about Obama’s immigration plan

“Obama’s Plan Legalizes Millions!”… “Obama’s Executive Action will Legalize up to 5 Million,” “Obama’s Plan to Legalize Millions is Unconstitutional”… As an immigration consultant, these headlines (and the debate that follows) makes my blood boil. Why? Because the headlines are wrong, they are lies. The rightwing conservatives (Republicans) are lying as usual to the people in the United States. These headlines, these sound bites, printed and repeated across the media spectrum (TV and radio) over the last few days are not only

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Thankfulness …

As I sit here in my apartment in Montrose, California on my first Thanksgiving together with my wife Rosa here in Montrose, I am struck by how truly lucky I am. I have a job that provides me with everything to have a comfortable life. My job challenges me and grows my skill-set daily – and I work with some truly brilliant people who help me strive to become even better. I am working for a company with a lot of passion and soul –

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Why you should turn off your iPhone if the police stop you.

CAN THE POLICE COMPEL YOU TO UNLOCK YOUR PHONE? Why you should turn off your iPhone if the police stop you. Recent advances in cryptographic technology and the widespread use of free, open-source cryptography have made encrypted information pervasive in our everyday lives. Apple and Google have both announced that their latest mobile operating systems will be encrypted and the manufacturers will be unable to decrypt the phones even if ordered to do so. Additionally, all Apple iPhones since the iPhone

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