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Follow the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Money

How does the ALS Association spend its millions? As the nation sweated out summer 2014, scores of people took to the supposedly charitable act of dumping ice water on their heads to raise awareness about ALS, a neuro-degenerative disease. In truth, the act of dumping cold water on one’s head was not really a charitable act, since doing so is merely an excuse to get out of being “obligated” to donate $100 to the ALS Association (ALSA), the charity behind

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Apple Unveils the Apple Watch

So the industry has been waiting to see if Apple can make “wearable tech” a thing. Apple has two advantages in this regard: The company places a very high value on aesthetics, and there’s no avoiding the fact that watches are generally understood to not merely be functional, but a form of jewelry. So maybe Apple can design a fake digital watch that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. Apple’s customers are slavish idiots and will buy dog feces if

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